West Texas Flooding

Been getting a LOT of rain on the South Plains around the Lubbock area the past few days. Day before yesterday we got over 2" of rain here 35 miles SW of LBB. Then last night we got more than 5", and it's now raining again.

There was some flooding around the area. The horse barn where my wife boards her horse was flooded, as was all the surrounding area. They lost a couple chickens, some kittens and a goat to drowning. A man that has lived here all his life says he has only seen that spot flood once before, in winter, and it froze!

Out west of Brownfield, US380 is shut down with over 10 feet of water across the road. Any additional rain will make that go higher because the water just has no place else left to go.

Here is some video of some of the shots of the area. The barn where the animals died is in there too. Watch the shot that looks like a lake across the road, you can spot the top of a car in there. TXDOT told me there are actually 2 cars in there. One was some people traveling here from Missouri.

There is a couple of "vortex suprises" on the end of the video. I was determined to get a spinup out of all this! :wink:


14.6MB 3:53 runtime WMV
Great footage. What were those spinups rated, by the way? ;)

Now Jeff, we know since they didn't hit anything but water we can't give them a rating! 8)

Ah, but don't forget, some of us have the unique ability to sence windspeeds..
"..Its got winds in excess of 200 miles per hour, maybe pushing 250!"

LOL!! I love the spinups... Watchout, could become a massive wedge! We've been getting rain all day here as well in Dallas
The "secondary large one" is spinning anticyclonically!!! What is the odds...like 1/1000!!!

Yeah, was that cool or what. Just to give you an idea of how much water was going down in to those whirlpools, the shot where all that water is gushing out the drainage pipes is on the other side of the road! :shock: