Weather Web Cams and what you're using

I've been tasked to come up with a weather web cam to be used commercially.

I know I've seen some of your web sites that have these, so I'm now asking, what are you using, both hardware and software.

Here's the plan:

I need a pan/tilt/zoom camera that will be mounted in a radio tower or tall telephone pole near our studio. It needs to be remotely controlled via hardwire.

It will be up 24/7 as wether and other schedules permit.

I know I've seen a at least a couple of folks that have them on their vehicles. Same theory applies here. What are you using?

I can't go super high tech as I'm on a tight budget, but would like to see what your using.

Thanks in advance! When we get it up and running, I'll post the link.

John Diel