Weather WAP/WML page (for cellphones and other mobile devices)

I haven't worked on my weather WAP page for a long time, but I gave it a refresher this evening. CoD changed their radar links, which are no longer compatible with my WAP browser (pocketIE on my smartphone). Regardless, I was able to salvage working links for the BR1 images, but all other radar products are not working at this time.

The page contains SPC products, surface observations, profiler data, base reflectivity tilt 1 imagery, and 1km vis sat imagery. I made a seperate page for each image, which should help force browsers to display the image full-size without resizing. Some service providers automatically downsize (both resolution and quality) images, and some automatically convert all images to black-and-white. That said, everything shows up well on my phone (Cingular 2125 / HTC with Cingular service). Please let me know how if works on your phone.

Link --> (should point you to
Works well on my Cingular Motorolla Razor except for the day1 Tornado and Hail probs. Those graphics wouldn't load.

I've had intemittent problem with some graphics not loading. I just checked on my phone, and the Day1 T and H probs are showing up fine. The pages are static (e.g. not dynamically-coded like it'd be with PHP, etc), so I think any errors with the graphic not loading would be from the service was than the page (that is, if the only problem is the graphic not loading.... if the entire page doesn't work, then it's probably my error, so let me know please! :) ). That said, let me know if any other graphics don't show up, since I haven't checked each and every page yet, and I almost expect there to be a typo in the code on at least one of the pages. LOL
It works nicely on my Treo 650..wish the DTX radar was there though... ;)

Good deal... DTX has been added.

I also added links to the NWS WAP/WML page, NWS HTTP mobile page, and CoD "weather warnings" page. The NWS WAP/WML page also contains links to radar, satellite, SPC discussions, and surface obs, but it also includes tropical/NHC products, NWSFO forecasts, and a few other products. The NWS HTTP-mobile page actually has a nice PIL product retrieval field, where you enter something like OUNAFDOUN to quickly get the AFD from OUN (or whatever other product from whatever other NWSFO). Regardless, just another way to get info when you're stuck without a computer and/or computer internet access and need the latest info.
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None of the secondary graphics show up, surface obs, day 1 tornado, hail, etc - but the rest of the page text shows. So like you say probably Cingular in this case.

If you click on one of the categorical convective outlooks (i.e. Day 1, Day 2, Day 3), does the full-resolution picture show on the following page? The main spc.wml page should show small versions of the Day 1, 2, and 3 graphics, on which you can click to load the full-size image. This may sound obvious, but are you sure your browser is set to display pictures/graphics? Wait, if the thumbnails/small pics show up, then that isn't the case. Perhaps Cingular is restricting images above a certain size, but that's odd since it works on my Cingular-service phone. Hmm.