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Weather Stations - Consumer VS Industrial

I am currently using a Davis Vantage Pro w/datalogger to satisfy my pesonal need for weather data and I recently worked in the research field with very high quality instruments.

I was wondering if anybody has any opinions on the quality of the Vantage Pro compared to an industrial system (like Campbell or Texas Instruments). Are they really that much more accurate or are they just more robust. It seems to me like the biggest difference is the rate at which data is collected. The Davis samples every 2-10seconds while industrial systems are .1 or less. Is that the biggest thing I am giving up with my Davis?

If properly calibrated and positioned the Davis has errors that fall well within NWS standards for hourly obs. You'd be surprsied how liberal those are.

I guess the main question is...should I be satisfied with the data coming from the Davis or do I have to just envy the "fancy" systems on the side of the highway?
I think you will find that the Davis equipment will suit your needs for a very long time. The NWS Tolerances you speak of are probably built for the FO's and not the Research side (though I don't really know). Occasionally I'll miss a very short lived gust with the Davis Gear, but at that point, I usually have other concerns to keep me occupied as well.

There are a great many chasers using Oregon Scientific Gear and seem pleased with it. The Data sampling rates are generally slower than Davis equipment.

So unless you are doing some intensive research or have a burning in your pocket, I'd stay with the Davis Equipment.