"Weather Gone Wild --Over 100 Tornadoes" --DVD-R

Mar 22, 2004
Curtis, NE

Incredible new Storm Chaser Movie now available!
This new Storm Chaser Movie is a great gift idea for the weather nut in your Family.
Shipment will be in a Movie quality DVD case including the "cool" Tornado cover as shown above.

Retail Price for this impressive new Movie is $29.95 . Now only $22.00 ( includes 1st Class Shipping!)

To order your DVD-R copy of Weather Gone Wild
please make check or Money Order for $22.00 payable to:

Windswept Enterprises
Attn: Dean Cosgrove
PO Box 145
Curtis, NE 69025

To order a copy of this DVD using your Visa or Master Card please scroll down to the "Buy Now" button at my website --Thanks-- Dean Cosgrove

With SDS sinking in early this year, I just bought a copy from Dean last week. Incredible footage from May 24 04. I am so jealous of this day LOL. Seward NE tornado, Happy Texas tornado, Dean has got it all in this video. My favorite is probably the May 30th, 1996 Elba CO event. Incredible structure, with a multi-vortex tornado growing into a large wedge. Great work on the music videos too, and the overall production.
SPECIAL OFFER: Ends 12/22/06

Dick , Happy to hear you enjoyed Weather Gone Wild . Thanks for the review.
John, Thank you for your order . I will ship your copy of WGW December 9 via USPS 1st class. Your order will include the 2 free photos mentioned below.

All orders received before 12/22/06 will receive 2 - Free 4 " x 6 " photos. One photo will be of an F4 tornado and the other will be a pic of my cat.
Just kidding about cat pic :) . You will receive an additional supercell or tornado photo.
Orders will be shipped the same day if possible or next morning .

Merry Christmas ,
Dean Cosgrove
Hi Dean, I got the CD but, I can only get half of it to open. The first one will and second one starts then stops,then won"t open until #4? Do you want me to sent it back to find the problem? The footage is great what I did get to see! Thanks and have a Merry Christmas!
Hi John ,

Sorry to hear you are having problems watching a portion of my Weather Gone Wild ( WGW) DVD. Sounds like a defect in the DVD since some of it works fine for you .

Yours is the first WGW DVD I have heard any problems about. Just curious, will it play OK using your computer DVD player ?

I tested another copy in my DVD player and it worked fine for all events in WGW. I will ship you this copy of WGW today.

If for some reason the second copy does not work , I will be happy to refund your payment in full. In that case you may keep the 2 free gifts and there would be no need for you to return either copy of WGW.

I am happy to hear you enjoyed the weather events on WGW that you were able to watch :)

Merry Christmas
Dean Cosgrove
Hi Dean, I received the replacement WGW DVD and it works. I tested each section and they all open, can't wait till I can watch it all. I tryed the first dvd in my computer and it wouldn't work there either. Thanks for the replacement. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I hope everyones 2007 is a good one!