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I just got an interesting e-mail. It is for Trading Spouses on FOX.

My name is Kenny and I am a casting director for the TV show Trading Spouses on Fox. It's a family show. G rated. We are currently casting for a new season and were looking for unique families that could bring something positive to the show. This season we are all about the families learning something. We thought an out going family who was Storm Chasers would be perfect for the show. Someone that you know of that would be great on TV. The show shoots for 6 days and each family chosen for the show gets to spend $50,000. Parents must be legally married and have children over the age of 6. If you know anyone that fits this descriptions, please contact me ASAP.

LOL. Any outgoing chaser families on here? $50,000 would help out a chase season or two.
heh, hard enough to chase with your own spouse much less someone else's! Then could you imagine all the gossip in the chaser community after that show ran! :shock:
$50,000! That might fund about 1 chase season with gas prices the way they are :wink: Seriously, i'd go to Tahiti :D
I got "Phished" for this, too, today. Came in from a walk in the fields to find the above-posted cryptic message in my inbox from "Kenny".

Too bad anything to do with "reality" repulses me beyond belief, it seems, these days. I think "reality" must be in the eye of the beholder...


We don't have kids - so unless a wild Milligold Macaw counts, they wouldn't be interested.

The funniest thing would be to watch them pair off for the bleary 900 mile drives, Flying J coffee, truckers on the CB, hooking up equipment and yet another data stop...then comes stormchasing for the remaining 10% of the time...large hail, gust fronts, microbursts, HPs, and a twister if they're very lucky, only to crash at midnight in a funky motel room in Wichita...that they couldn't get because it's softball season. :? Or better yet, how about a monsoon chase...110 degree heat, sandstorms, flash floods, zippy lightning & big critters...are they really ready to sign up for this?

Too bad you have to be married to participate. Then again, this show is probably not one I'd want to do anyway, most chase partners they would assign to me would probably lose patience...:? "Get off that sand dune it's 3 o'clock in the morning, and pleease no more Paul Oakenfold!" I'd be "booted off". Is that how it works? I don't follow reality TV.

I do wonder how tuned in the show's producers are to the realities of chasing. I'm also curious if the participants will learn to forecast, pick their own target, get their hands dirty. It could go a lot of different ways but it might be funny too.
We should get the Tuddles down at OCC to build us a stormchasing
I can't help but think that they expect you to have a tornado as a permanent fitting in your house, if they expect to get an hour's worth of programming out of this. That, or you live in your car, on the plains. I mean, it's one or two weeks long, isn't it? They're putting a lot of expectation into the weather.
Trading Spouses

Yep, I got the email too. My wife and I talked about it and we might have considered it but we don't have any kids, and since I work for Fox, we wouldn't be elligble anyway.
I strongly suspect this is a hoax. Do a google search for "trading spouses" "casting director". Unless this show has a dozen or more casting directors all with different names all looking for contestants in numerous unlikely fields (birdwatching?! now there's something that will really captivate today's TV audience!) all using identically worded emails... Well, you get the picture. I would be very surprised if this were legit.
I believe it is legit. I contacted Kenny Scott and although I declined - nothing led me to believe it was anything but straight up. The angle they are looking for is to pit "hobbys" against one another.

Will the hobby of bird watching unite the families or slowly unravel them? And what hobby will the show's producers pit against our beloved sport? Will it be birding vs. Nascar racing? Or birding vs. video games? Maybe the bird watchers will square off against die-hard hunters? Who knows? The drama will come when we see how well with the bird-watching family takes to this new obsession.

This could be your time to shine on TV! But hurry! The deadline to apply is March 10th!.To be eligible, the parents must be legally married and the children must be over the age of 6. Families would need to conduct a video interview.

For more information, go to http://www.fox.com/tradingspouses/.

To apply, contact:

Kenny Scott

Rocket Science Labs

Casting/Trading Spouses

(323) 802-0609

Good Luck, and let us know if you're selected!
It's absolutely ludicrous that Trading Spouses would cast a stormchasing family with kids! That's hilarious enough to be worth a movie script!
[roar of approaching hail...]
Surrogate Father: "Jimmy!... Jimmy!.................Jimmy! Get over here and in the van -- NOW! We've got to go RIGHT AWAY!"
[zoom, swivel to wayward 6-year old several hundred feet away throwing stones at cows in field next to road. Jimmy ignores SF's demands]
[big hailstones start whacking to earth]
"OW......... OW!!! GODDAMIT! ****** ****** ***** @!#?!@!! ......................"

Well, you get the idea. :roll: :shock: :lol:
OK, perhaps it is legit after all, if you spoke to the guy. But it's a damn weird concept, that's for sure. Just one more reason to be thankful that I don't own a TV, I guess. This reality stuff is getting way out of hand. :roll:
OK, perhaps it is legit after all, if you spoke to the guy. But it's a damn weird concept, that's for sure. Just one more reason to be thankful that I don't own a TV, I guess. This reality stuff is getting way out of hand. :roll:

Yep, the more I've learned about it the more I think it's a crazy concept and I hope that no one from this online community takes them up on it! :roll:
I received the very same email a few days ago. I was wondering how many other chasers it had reached, considering I am NOT married, nor do I have kids!

I do wonder how this reality show would actually work. Seems rediculous.
I was wondering how many other chasers it had reached.

I think they must have pinged everybody, I got the email too and I am also not married, no kids. It makes me wonder for those who do fit the profile, are they supposed to bring the children too when stormchasing?? Is that how their concept would work? I have never seen the show but I am familiar with it, I think they switch moms. Stormchasing wouldn't fit this concept IMO.
I recall reading in another (non-chase) news group last fall that FOX
or NBC was already working on a situation style TV show this spring about storm chasers. Any body know about this? Maybe the chasers they are following are keeping quiet or under a contract.