Viewing Multiple Tornadoes At The Same Time

Jul 5, 2004
New Jersey
How many of you have seen multiple tornadoes come down in the same area at once?

I remember seeing an old video (?) of one large tornado that had smaller vortices touching down either side of it-and I've heard of large funnels that had smaller vortices going around them like merry-go rounds.

And there was one where a person counted several tornadoes on the ground, not too far apart from each other.

May 29th I saw a monster tornado and then just to the west there was another tornado, but much weaker.
May 29th I saw a monster tornado and then just to the west there was another tornado, but much weaker.

There were three separate instances during this storm where I observed more than one tornado at the same time... 1st was the latter stages of the ~25 minute Attica drill-press to my northwest with new tornado developed to my east-southeast....then near Freeport the large cone tornado had a satellite mulitple-vortex tornado rotating around before the big cone wedged out southwest of argonia.... and 3rd... the Argonia large tornado when it was north of town a few miles was roping out and became visible again while the Conway Springs large stovepipe-wedge was in progress around 8:45pm.

Mike U
In SC Nebraska on May 24th, 2004 there was a point when we had 4 tornadoes at once, Two separate mesocyclone tornadoes to our east, and two impressive landspouts to our SW. During a 10 minute time spanned the supercell produced 8 tornadoes. The scary thing was you never really knew where the next landspout would form.

Scott Currens
About a month ago south of Parker we had 3 F0's on the ground, with a 3-4 other spin-ups which didn't turn into anything. Got some pictures of them, but have to find them.

I was out watching the storms, when about 14 feet to the east of me one spun up and went over my car (scariest 15 seconds of my life). No damage to the car, other than a few scratches and getting totally pelted with mud. I got outta there quick. That was about 10 minutes after I took a picture of a funnel directly above me while the winds suddenly picked up to about 50-60. Don't think the funnel actually touched down though. I didn't move from that one, cuz I figured "Well if the funnel is half way to the ground right above me, I'm screwed anyways." so I sat for a couple of minutes and took photo's.

I got this pic that night:
[Broken External Image]:
At the Jamestown storm on May 29th, we had the wedge down and then another fairly decent tornado wrapped around the south side of it.
May 24th 2004 sc NE I saw 3 at once and right after this it did another 2 at once. July 12th 2004 the c NE storm had one wedge north with a second meso producing another tornado at the same time to the west. One at a time is much easier to chase, not to mention The July 12th one I was going west with the south bound wedge just north and the new tornado west. I was wondering how I got myself in this location and thinking back about the May 24th storm and how it just seemed to tornado any-ol-where. Keeping track of the two is fun enough, was hoping 3 would not least at that moment.
I've seen multiple tornadoes simultaneously on a few occasions:

May 3, 1999 - Near Minco, OK, we nearly got squashed by a new tornado just southwest of us as it developed from the new meso; we'd been focused on the original tornado due west of us. This incident was how I learned about cyclic storms and occlusions, lol. Who needs the classroom? :D

May 3, 2003 - South of Haskell, TX, we watched a multiple vortex dust whirl tornado form. A few minutes later, a dust whirl tornado formed on the forward flank, giving us two tornadoes side by side. As this was ongoing, a third, white cone tornado developed behind the original tornado (to the west), giving us three at once for about 30 seconds from the same storm.

March 27, 2004 - Though only one touched down, we saw two funnels develop side by side from a storm right before dusk, near Okarche, OK. The larger of the two briefly touched down, becoming a tornado, but the smaller funnel persisted longer. We were just taping the storm and weren't even expecting it, but when it happened we were watching the right spot :wink:

May 29, 2004 - Again right around dusk, near Argonia, KS, we witnessed two tornadoes at once. We'd approached the storm from the west, and rain/hail had blocked our view of the Argonia wedge as it moved north of 160.....we literally drove right behind it and never actually saw it while it was mature. About ten minutes later, we'd stopped and were taping the Conway Springs wedge. As this tornado was maxing out (just NNE of us), the rain/hail cleared northwest of us and the roping Argonia tornado came into full view. Pretty spectacular stuff 8)
May 29 saw a couple instances with more than 1 tornado on the ground. I know that I have a couple video stills of those..

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