Video post-production services

Jan 24, 2005
Chicago, IL area
I'm wondering if any chasers would be interested in making DVD's for other chasers at the end of the 2006 season?

What I'm thinking is that I can take the video, that's not a problem..but I do not have the time nor the equipment to make a quality DVD.

I'm thinking something along these lines:

You review the video and see if it's even worth making. Then if you think it is ....

I get:
Two copies of the DVD and I agree not to "copy" them

You get:
100% of whatever profit you can get for the video and the rights to "sell" the video to whomever you want for whatever you want. As long as you attribute the content to me.

I'm not saying I actually want this...but just wondering if anybody has done something like this in the past for other chasers? Just thinking about options *IF* I get something good in 2006.

I can help you out when you get some video Tyler. I haven't done this for other storm chasers, but I do it all the time for customers who have video they want turned into a DVD. I have all the toys to do the post production work. So if you or other storm chasers need some help creating their end of season DVD's, just drop me a line and we can work out the details.

But, the creation of my DVD with all the sweet footage I will get from 2006 takes priority. :lol:
I was recently wrestling with this same issue: I was getting good footage but wasn't sure what to do with it (since I don't personally have great knowledge of video editing tools).

My solution is to work closely with an editor who has the necessary technical skills and equipment. The division of labor: I make the creative decisions and decide what clips go in the DVD and he does the mechanical work-- the actual "cutting". During the process he makes creative recommendations, too-- and he serves as an important second opinion.

This division of labor is working out very well as I edit my Hurricane Wilma footage into a DVD/multimedia product. It seems a good compromise, because I retain creative control while getting professional-quality editing. You might consider this sort of collaboration, rather than just sending your footage out and letting someone else make the decisions-- because someone else might not include the very cool moments that you think are important.

P.S. You don't need to work with an expensive professional, necessarily. A student studying film or documentary production will have the necessary skills to do the kind of editing I'm talking about-- and they'll come much cheaper. And for some students, just the experience and getting an Editor or Producer credit on a commercial product are big enticements.
Actually, I would be quite willing to do this. Like Sheila, I have the equipment myself or have it available for top quality capture from Analog sources. I look at things like this as an opportunity to both learn more about the craft (Even though I do this "Professionally" part time).
I have to vouch for Mick and Company. He's got some good stuff there and knows the pretty well. I keep trying to get him to take me on, but he thinks I have too much gray hair. :roll:
Yep, Mickey knows what he's doing. I've seen a bunch of the stuff that he has produced. He hits on the main point of a DVD production, it needs to be your vision. You need to be able to sit down with the person creating your video and work together.

It comes down to what kind of DVD you are looking for. If you are looking for a way to just archive the highlights of all your video to DVD for easy viewing, then just submitting footage to someone will probably work. But if you're looking to create something that you want others to see (and purchase), you definitely want to be able to work with the person creating the project for you.
I keep trying to get him to take me on, but he thinks I have too much gray hair. :roll:

lol. John, grey is only a sign of true wisdom and it would be a true honor to work with you. I am getting a few grey hairs myself myself. lol

Sheila: Thank you for nice comments. You need to get your DVD out soon.