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video clip...man loses house and wife

Without a doubt one of the most gut wrenching things I have ever seen.

For those people that are feeling no remorse for these people because they "chose" to stay in the path of this storm I recommend that they watch that clip. I bet that it will change their minds from anger and cold heartedness to compassion. I will never forget the anguish on this man's face and in his voice. God be with these people.
I almost cried after seeing that... it utterly and completely breaks your heart.
Dear God, that was the most gut-wrentching thing I have ever seen, i feel so helpless, and I didn't even loose anything :cry:
Yes, it is very sad. And when this man says he has no where to go/lost it all, chances are his insurance company won't cover ANY of the damages, since standard homeowners insurance doesn't cover flood damage. :cry:
I saw that video on CNN.com earlier but didn't watch it, and now it is no longer there...anyone know where I can find it? thanks.