Video Broadcast

Jun 11, 2004
I am testing a video encoder and am broadcasting some tornado video right now(9:15pm central 12/18 ) if you want to check it out click this link:
Allow 30 to 60 secs for stream to begin.
Just want to check on the bandwidth pull on this type of broadcast. Might run it until 10pm or 11 pm central.
Must be using Windows Media Player 9.0 and it will probably take about 30-60 secs to start streaming. Also remember this is computer related stuff so it wil probably not work at all :lol:
Looks like there was a firewall/router conflict and that was why I was able to get it on my laptop. I shut off my firewall but doubt if that will work. I will eventually figure it out though. :wink:
Every since this 40 foot antenna for Heartland Cable was put on my roof in the 90's ,I've been wanting to put a camera up but I might have to go cutting some neighborhood trees down...
Looks like all of those firewall/virus protections things are working fine and will keep me from broadcasting that video. I turned off my windows firewall and I am going to leave it running tonight so let me know if anyone has any luck connecting to it.
im there but a black screen.. im curious.. why not just render in WMV and put it on the server.. people can go there and click on link and watch?? Thats how most do it.. Maybe im missing your intent..

I was actually wanting to set up a live streaming cam for weather events here (snow,storms etc) I already have most of the video up on my sight, the streaming thing was just a test.
Ahhh when you figure that out let me know .. i would like to get wise on the software and technique used. Thanks