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Ryan Trullinger

Any body else interested in a Vehicle Mods, Tips & Tricks forum, to cover all things concerning installation and operation of NON-OEM accessories?
I'd be interested in seeing how everyone sets up their ride. Personally, I think the more forums the better (to a limit). If we can provide several forums with different topics, it will be easier for people to find what interests them.
GREAT idea for all the "tweekers" out there! I would be happy to contribute.


Oh, a tweeker is somebody who likes to modify, improve, add, rewire, install, chop up, tape up, glue, velcro ANYTHING in a vehicle that is NOT stock!!!
Yes, please - it would be great to hear how other people installed equipment
in their vehicles and their experiences with it on a chase.
Thanks Bob! That's the Courson county South Dakota supercell from June 99. My chase partner and I first saw anvil and overshootig top from northern Nebraska and chased it for three hours and that shot was as close as we could get to it before the sun went down. The roads were such we just couldn't catch it, all we could do was listen to one tornado warning after another. Shawn, my chase partner, figured at the point we took that shot it was around 100 or so miles away or more.
I have been thinking about this thread the past few days, and came up with a slightly different angle, instead of vehicle tips and tricks, maybe convert to a technical forum for a broader range ot topics, including but not limited to, operation of the systems installed in a vehicle and expand to other topics as well, like photography, radio operations, sattellite receivers, stuff of a more general technical nature. Thoughts?