Using GR Level 2

I just downloaded the trial version of GRLevel 2. What I need to know is how to get, download and view the radar data with it.
If you get a 404 error Im not sure I can help with that. I just filled out the first page with my email and a specific date I wanted and then used the default settings for everything else and it processed my request.

What date/radar are you looking for and I'll see if I can duplicate the issue and offer a workaround.
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Ahh...I see the problem. On the second page there should be a list of files in the left section of the orange box. There is no such list and thus the NWS does not have data for those particular days.

Sorry :(
Ok, now have requested data for a different day, and downloaded one of the .tar files. Now, how do I open it. Nothing happens when I go to File-Open in GR Level 2 and select the file.
Go here Click on trial forums. You have to register real quick, but they are very prompt in helping. I, personally, wouldn't waste my time with GRLevel 2. 3 is much better, more capabilities,etc.
Good luck.
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3 is much better, more capabilities,etc.


If you want everything that normally comes with a storm tracking software then GRLevel3 is what you want. If you want to look at high detail radar images (but dont necessarily want/need the storm tracks/attributes, etc) then GRLevel2 is what you want. Depends on what you want. 99% of folks will want GRLevel3.

And true...this thread is probably better suited to the grlevelx forums
The reason I wanted to try Level 2 was because of the archived data capability. If Level 3 has it I don't need to use 2.

Thanks for the help. :)

EDIT: 1 last question before it works (I can only wish). Anybody know of a good, free download UNTAR program for Windows XP? All the free downloadable ones I can find are for Mac OS.
Why not have the system untar them for you? That is what I've always done and had no problems.
Why not have the system untar them for you? That is what I've always done and had no problems.

Depends on if you know exactly what time you need. If you intend to download a couple hours of radar data it's probably better to just take the entire tar..that way you can pick and choose from your local disk instead of selecting a bunch of individual files via FTP.

I've done both...personal preference I guess. But is an option.
OK..I just jumped onto the bandwagon and installed GRLevel3. Has anybody used this on a laptop with a cell connection? If so, is it functional this way, or should I continue to use Weathertap?
Yes fine for cell connections. I believe GR will use any connection it finds to retrieve data. Also, since it dls data files rather than images, the dls are faily quick. When it reaches the time for refresh, if you're not connected it will keep trying every 20 seconds till you connect again. I am still hopeful some sort of DL now feature will be added, but as is, it works fine.
Ok, thanks to all those that helped me out (esp. Tyler). It is now working for me, except for the fact that the NCDC website is now out of service. Before then I was able to download and untar some files...downside is that a 100 MB TAR file is an 11 hour download!

Got some radar shots of a supercell I observed on May 23, 2004: