US Daily Temperature Extremes

Apr 19, 2006
Douglas Co., CO
Came across this site which has analysis of the daily highs and lows in the conterminous 48 US states. Dr. Steven Dutch, professor of geology at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, analyzed the data published in USA Today from April 1995 to September 2006.

Not too surprising to see the daily highs concentrated along the southern border and the lows along the northern border. The lows tend to be more dispersed, extending along the Rocky Mountains.

Some places have recorded both the high and low, including perennial low temp leader International Falls, Minnesota.

The most surprising result is the Ohio Valley and Missouri, which have had almost none of the record temps. One low was recorded in Illinois, but Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee have had none per the text (but one of his charts shows a low in Indiana).