Upcoming cold front/OUN WX

The next day or two are likely to be pretty crazy around these parts......

Fans of OUN's weather will likely know that a cold front is progged to move through the area late Thursday (tomorrow - 2/16) afternoon. Highs for OUN on Thursday are going to be around 73oF.

After this strong, arctic cold front plunges through - Thursday night lows will reach towards 22oF for the same area. That's a 51oF change! :shock: What are the records for this sort of thing in any 24 hour period for OUN?

Of course, throughout Friday and through the end of the weekend - the same area is progged to have varying degrees of wintry precipitation likely, with HIGHS around the freezing mark for a few days.

It'll be interesting, if nothing else.

Surely you are kidding with everyone...wintry precip? Norman Area? Interesting Weather? It was a clever joke though! :lol:

Actually, didn't that arctic front earlier this year have the same type of temprature swing? I seem to remember the 24hr temp changes when that baby rolled through to be ridiculous.

Either way, IT IS February, we are due for at least some cold air...
HAH! Thats nothing...

Temps tomorrow in central Illinois could flirt with 65-70 tomorrow.. with lows reaching the single digits Friday-weekend.
Will be periods of fzra and snow, but at least something on the ground after that long dry period. And definitely different clothes in OKC:


Was quite delightful this morning... 63 at 7:00 ...T-shirt and jeans for school apparel :) and carrying my heavy coat :roll:
Amazing gradient on the front. Current surface chart shows the front along a Coffeyville to Hobart axis. Not sure what the station with the GOR identifier is in OK, but they're showing a temp of 63 while Enid has 34 :shock: . Front should be through here easily by lunch.
Originally posted by Angie Norris
Front should be through here easily by lunch.

Bring it on. 8)

Seriously, yeah - this morning was pretty funky. I left my woolen winter coast hanging on my bedroom door along with my scarf and gloves, and stepped out into a moist airmass in the 60's with my short-sleeved blouse on, as fractured strato-cu raced northwards.

Currently it is 63oF in OUN, and 36oF in Canadian County (one county to the northwest). Try getting changes/gradients like this in Scotland! :shock:

This morning was wonderful. It was nice to smell the moisture in the air and see it on the road ways for sure.

That will all change though... :roll: 60d in OKC now and 37in El Reno via OK Mesonet. :shock: Sucks! I hate this kinda weather.

After hitting the mid 60s yesterday.. we are forecast to be subzero tomorrow nite. Mmmm, Illinois weather.. if you dont like the weather now, wait 15 minutes.
Into the good arctic air here this morning ... was about 12 when I got up ... wind chills put it below zero for the first time in quite a while. Highs should scream into the low 20s today, though ... feels good to me.
Yesturday it was near 80 in Denton TX and we had another raging fire somewhere. I saw lots of smoke but never could find the fire. Now it's only 38 and we're under a winter storm watch. LOL rain what's that? thier is no such thing as water that falls from the sky. :lol: Hopefully all weather dissipators in Texas and Oklahoma are taken out so as to not allow any interference with our sleet and snow assuming of course thier is such a thing.