Unofficial Poll: How many antennas are too many?

Mar 5, 2004
Des Moines, Iowa
1? 2? 3? How many antennas do you have on your vehicle during the hunt? I've seen a couple "newer" chasers in the area who seem to be the mobile porcipine.
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I think the answer to that question would be more than you have equipment for...

I have several for various pieces of equipment..

HAM radio has one...
CB has one...
Police scanner has one...
TV has one...
Car radio has one...

I had one for a separate weather radio, but have basically merged the CB into my WX radio as I rarely use the CB to chat.

TOTAL = 5 + 1 Davis WX Station
1- std car radio
2- Cellphone windshield mount(internal)
3- Dual band Ham 2m and 70cms
Thats three as standard but occasionally 2 extra.

4- extra 2m for APRS not always fitted.
5- Cellphone Magmount for when using Nokia PC cellphone card.- not always fitted.
AM/FM vehicle radio, 2M Ham, Scanner, Wi-Fi and Cell. Add to that the Hybrid Davis Station. Looks like I should be able to talk to Mars.

However, I know of a couple that have many more. One of the OKC Networks has a fella that lives up here. His vehicle is LOADED! Various radio mounts, two cell mounts, Two Wi-Fi mounts, TV Antenna, Davis Station and a few other gadgets. There is no dounbt when he's coming down the road! He's a nice guy though and we trade information and thoughts on location and target. He shares video with us and Vice Versa.
I have three. Dual band ham radio, CB, and scanner antennas. These are very low profile though as they are on the jeep all year. I could probably get away with just having the dual band antenna on there most of the time, but I travel back and forth to Colorado quite a bit and like to have the CB and scanner on while I'm traveling.

I'm with Tony that more antennas than necessary equipment is nothing but antenna envy. To each their own though, I've seen hams running around that put storm chasers to shame. One person can only use so much equipment at one time :roll:

I use 4 antennas while chasing (most of the time, at least):

+ Dual-band 2m/70cm ham antenna
+ Tri-band 6m/2m/70cm ham antenna
+ Scanner / 2m ham antenna
+ CB Antenna

I haven't used my CB in a couple of years, so I don't think that'll be on my car for too much longer...
I am almost antenna-less this year. I can phone in reports on my cell-phone. My wx-worx antenna goes on the dashboard. Same with the 2 GPS units I have.

The only thing I can't hide is the NOAA radio antenna. 8)
Would definitely have to call mine a porcupine.

3 scanners w/ antenna for each
1 2-meter w/antenna
1 dual band (2m 70cm) w /antenna
1 cell phone booster
1 wifi booster
1 VHF (police band)
1 cb
1 am/fm radio
4 T.V (dual phased rabbit ear ) but they stay down until needed.

I thought about combining scanner antennas but it can screw up reception.

Oh ya

1 Anamometer (magmount)
4 here

I run 4

1 for 2m rig
1 for wx radio/scanner
1 for trunking scanner
1 for standard AM/FM radio

Someday I'll probably add one for HF work... (for those quiet days) ;)

3-4 to get there. Then I make a stop and take them all down before shooting in a heavy lightning area.

Charles my goodness. A few more and you'll give the Very Large Array a run for its money :)
I will be running 5 antennas.

1) scanner
1) HAM
1) WIFI External
1) Cell phone
1) Stock AM/FM radio antenna

1) TV antenna (depending on the chase)