Understanding the Conv Outlook Points

Can anyone explain to me how the Convective Outlook points that SPC posts correlate to drawing them out on a map?

For example:

0.02---29270383 32020341 34270247 35890194 36850249 37630458
--------39690566 41120514 41880328 42670141 43779946 44259812
--------44129707 43329676 41699630 38179581 36349664 33129873
--------32119940 29640129

How does that create the points on the map? As far as I can tell, they aren't Lat/Lon positions.

If I'm not mistaken, those are lot/lon points. The 0.02 denotes the 2% risk (tornado in this case, since hail and wind don't have 2% prob lines)... The points are given in AAAAOOOO where AAAA = Latitude in degrees North to the hundreths degree, and OOOO = longitude in degrees west to the hundreths degree (excluding the preceding "1" for those longitudes >100.00W). For example, that first long number after 0.02 is "29270383", which is 29.28 N, 103.83W.