U.S. Chasing Opportunity For Chasers From Overseas

Oct 14, 2008
Lake Tahoe, CA
Hi ST Friends From Overseas,

My name is David Williams, and I'm 33 y/o and living in Tulsa, OK with my amazing wife Lisa. I have an offer for any overseas chasers looking to find a chase partner in the U.S. My wife and I want to open our house up to chasers from overseas. We have a very comfortable 3 bedroom house in Bixby (a suburb south of Tulsa). You are welcome to stay with us in our guest bedroom during your stay. We have no children and no pets. We don't smoke and we don't have a TV (we mostly read and study subjects we are interested in). You can stay with us and we can chase together, splitting gas, hotels, etc. We can drive you around and pick you up from the airport and all that stuff. We can even do some exciting activities around Tulsa, if there are no storms to chase.

We would ask that you pay $20 a night for your stays with us just to cover all the miscellaneous things that we will be doing for you. Obviously, we are not interested in making money. However, we will be cooking some meals, washing sheets and clothes, and investing a lot of our time to get to know our visitors. We are interested in giving our friends from overseas a chance to come chase in the U.S. and we're really interested in meeting new people from around the world.

As for me, I have been chasing for 11 years, but I am by no means a veteran. I have spent hundreds of hours studying meteorology; however, I did not go to university for Meteorology. So I am still learning for myself, but I'm feeling much more comfortable with meteorology and forecasting than I did in the past.

Last year I started chasing for Channel 2 here in Tulsa. I only chase for them if there is local severe weather that will impact the city. Other than that, I primarily chase to see tornadoes; although, I do love structure. A nice mothership can really make my day! I will drive long distances to chase something worthwhile.

My wife (Lisa) and I are school teachers at an elementary school in Tulsa. Our school year ends in the beginning of June. Since we are teachers and we love to travel, we will be out of the country from June 13th to July 13th. We have our first ST member coming to stay with us from May 31st until June 9th. So, if you would like to come stay with us, it would have to be before May 31st. That means that I would have my normal work schedule during the week 7:00 am until 3:00 pm and can only start a chase after that time. However, weekends are totally free and available for chasing anywhere storms develop. If you are interested please start a PM with me. If you have general questions, please post them on the thread, and I can answer them publicly just in case anyone else has the same question.

Cheers and we hope to see you soon,
David Williams
I thought I should throw a few pics up to give everybody a better perspective about our situation.

The House


The Guest Bedroom


The Living Room with Partial View of Dining Room and Kitchen


The Entertainment Center


Lisa and Me


Again, if you have questions, ask.

Hi David and Lisa,
this is a nice offer for us guys coming to the USA for chasing from UK or anywhere else for that matter.
Since my first chase in 2000 I have watched motel prices, fuel and air fares rocket compared with earnings. So any saving might be a great help!

At the moment my chase partner Neil my and myself are hoping to book just 5 days in advance of a strongly sustained severe weather pattern, any time between the 13th May and 3rd of June. This will hopefully give us a bit of flexibility. You will already know that the next days outlook controls which direction you will be going. But if we end up anywhere near Tulsa we could give you a call to bed down the night or if you guys are free just hook up with us for the day on a NE Oklahoma chase!

I could PM my cell phone number nearer the time when I know our plans better!

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Hi Tony,

By all means, come by and stay with us if you're around. We are only booked from May 31st on, so right now you can stay anytime up until then. I'll let you know if anyone else comes to stay with us so that you'll know if the guestroom is occupied.