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Typing this on something new...

Jason Boggs

Well, I finally took the plunge and got a brand new laptop! I went shopping today at best buy and saw the perfect computer with a $200 instant rebate. its an HP dv5000z series. Here are a few specs on it:

AMD turion processor at 2.2 Ghz
1 gig memory (I can always upgrade later)
80 gig HD
wireless LAN
3 USB ports
firewire port
expansion port 2 connector
PC card slot
S video TV-out port
RJ-45 port
RJ-11 port
microphone port
headphone port
VGA monitor port
security lock
3 year accidental coverage

The suprising thing is when I got home and powered it up it automatically detected a wireless internet connection. I guess someone in my apartment complex has wireless internet. I will just be using this for GPS and wireless internet when I'm chasing. ThreatNet will have to wait until next year. I'm so excited...now I really can't wait until spring!
Congrats on the new laptop! That along with WiFi is nice while chasing.
Originally posted by David Drummond
Welcome to SCWLHP <Storm Chasers Who Love HPs>

Yea, I couldn't pass up a laptop named HP. Since I got a $200 instant rebate I guess you could say that I got an HP SUPERSALE!!! :lol:
Jason you will love your HP. I will give you my list of wireless sites next time we have lunch. Now just get a jotto desk to mount it on.

As for ram I think 1gig will be more than enough for what you are doing with it.

Also if you want some music I have about 15gig (almost 4000 songs) worth I can transfer from my laptop to yours.