TWC Land

I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed that the weather channel has started making up temperatures for the local forecast pages. In addition to adding cities that do not have AWOS stations I have been noticing that they are also updating the temperature for OMA every 30 min. I have not been able to find any official records of these updates. In fact on several occasions I have seen TWC's current temperature for Omaha be hotter than our official high for that day. What's next perhaps they will just begin making up hurricanes too. I am sure they have enough achieved satellite images to pull it off. Who knows maybe TWC can verify Dr Grey's forecast for this year still. B)
Yeah I've noticed this too! In fact, their temperature updates at the top of the hour, 25min past, and 45min past. I have noticed (from looking at their website) that reported temperatures are sometimes higher than what the official high temp recorded for the date eventually ends up being. I'm not sure where this information is coming from.

Also, I've noticed the temperature forecasts seem to change quite considerably more frequent than they used too....which I guess is not a bad thing.
Sounds like nothing more than an interpolation program. My observation has been that this new technology only seems to be accurate to within +or- 2 degrees F.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the NWS standard for thermometers is +/- 2.5F. If you think that is bad, you'd gasp at the standard for wind speed.