TV Weather info

John Diel

Mar 25, 2004
North Central Oklahoma
Some of the Professional Mets on here might be able to help me here. I do some work for a cable TV company. We lost our DTN/Meteorlogix sat feeds recently (Company dropped the service). What do you recommend for a replacement? Something ala' the old TWC style wether info. Something that would be able to go with radar data from National, zoomed to regional, then zoom to local on a rotating basis. Current weather information would be captured from a Davis Station on top of the building.

Anyone with any ideas? I'm not all that familiar with the software packages that would do this sort of thing.

Thanks Rdale. That's not the feature we are looking for, but I found the "Neighborhood Cable Weather" and that looks more like the source we want.

The cable channel is already set and running. For the most part, it runs un-attended 24/7 until there is threatening weather, then the Cable Operator goes "Live" and we use GRLevel3. This goes live to both radio and the cable station customers. Of course they also get my reports from the field as well as another "chaser".

Thanks for the tip, it gives me some direction to go in.