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Trucker antenna issue

Well I was so happy with my new trucker antenna and bragging to my friends and as I assemble my last details b4 leaving I am losing reception not gaining - anyone else have one of these fail on them? well Ill leave with out it I guess - my reception bars go down when I plug it in!!!!!
so much for that
I haven't had any trouble with my antenna. I have the shorter version and it's helped me out tremendously in areas where I had trouble with one of the little 5 dB antenna's. You may need to check that it's grounded (installed properly). If this is the taller antenna, I don't know much about it, but it may simply need a ground. The one I have, doesn't require a ground as it's actually built to mount on an RV through two layers of roofing.
I'm sure you must have ruled this out, but does your cell service and antenna correspond? Specifically, is the antenna a dual-band for both the lower frequency analog mode and the higher frequency digital modes, assuming you have tri-mode service? If not your antenna may be very effectively tuning out the signal.
the antenna had plastic gromets to prevent it from grounding so Id assume its of the non grounding sort (Ill ck with mfg on this)

Im running a motorrola v400 phone and they sent me the cable adapter for this phone and matching antenna - Id assume they would know the right application ? (assume)
Interesting point is that it WORKED really well for a number of weeks leading me to believe that perhaps all was well - youd plug it in and see the bar reception go up (not down as is now happening) leading me to believe that I may have a problem with my phone (not the antenna)

FOOT NOTE: CAUTION I was zapped last night when lightening struck this antenna attached to the roof of my truck and traveled down through the Trucker antenna to the cell phone resting on my lap - it wasnt alot of juice because the bolt was probably a weak cg - but still!
probably should have made some calls B4 posting last reply - but what I found out may interest some and guard against others same experiences

1. Wilson Trucker antennas are NOT designed to be grounded
2. Frequency is 850 to 1900 which will work on all cell phones tri mode or not
3. MAKE SURE YOU RUN the lightening supressor that they offer or you are at risk of shock (IT just happened to me)
4. If your antenna FAILS to work replace the cable adapter if it shows to be frayed (even 1 strand they said) or squeezed - mine showed good continuety but thats not everything here

Wilson Trucker Antennas are not self grounded and do not offer the shock suppression for THIS model (go figure) - so the mfg. recommends running a ground wire from one of the spiked prongs to the vehicle - easy enough....