Tropical storm in Brazil?

An AP headline was issued early today saying a man was killed in southern Brazil on Friday from a storm packing up to 70 mph winds. The nature of the storm was not directly said, but it was mentioned that "In March 2004, the same region was hit by a similar storm - termed an extratropical cyclone by local weather forecasters". Now I know that last year's tropical storm in southern Brazil was officially named a hurricane, being the first ever recorded south-Atlantic tropical cyclone. Could yesterday's storm be a real tropical cyclone as well? Has anyone heard anything about it?

I made this animation in which you can see the formation of the low. I must admit it deepened at an incredible speed. It developed east (ahead) of an upper low like most frontal lows do, and then after stalling for a while it started to catch up with the upper low and started moving eastward.

What do you think? Is this comparable to normal tropical cyclone genesis?