Transition Update #1

Thanks for the update. I am looking forward to ST being great again.
The new platform will offer log in (and associated social integration) utilizing your Facebook, Twitter or Google account. At that time we will begin to require real names for members.
Best wishes to Steve, the site and his new team. Delighted to be able to log back on to Stormtrack again (first time for a number of years I think). Also good to see that Tim Vasquez will still be contributing. Tim's knowledge and weather nous is writ large and was noted with a great deal of respect on an aviation forum I subscribe to where his excellent synopsis of weather conditions that pertained at the time of the tragic loss of Air France 447 was noted with admiration.
Looking forward to seeing what changes are coming to make Stormtrack relevant again in the digital and social media age. Thank you to each member of the administration team for spending your free time working to better ST!
I don't post much on Storm Track but enjoy seeing, learning, and admiring others who post on here. Look forward to the changes. I am glad real names used will be brought back. Thanks to the management of Storm Track in the past and future as we transition.
I'm having some next-gen hype starting to build in anticipation of the new ST being worked on. It's kind of like early chase season hype after a long Winter. Can't wait.