Tracking meso signatures...radar image?

Feb 8, 2005
Metropolis, Illinois
I was reading a thread on this forum (or elsewhere) and someone posted an image from the NWS that showed a radar where the meso signatures (circles) were lined up in a row through several counties. It was one of the options that the radar allowed so that you could track mesos. This would allow the user to see if a thunderstorm has been producing a meso through several counties (or for several hours).

Does someone know where to find an example image of this? The image I looked at showed a thunderstorm that had been producing meso signatures for about an hour or two. On the image you could see about 12 circles where the meso signatures tracked...they were all lined up from the southwest towards the northeast (the track of the storm). Hopefully the above makes sense.

Im not sure about this particular case but you can use WDSS-II for the same purpose using 'Rotation Tracks'.

You'll need Google Earth:


It's a graphical representation of what your describing.
The image I saw was about 12 circles in a row...about 2 hours or so worth of data.


I'm shrugging (no shrug smiley) :unsure: Maybe someone knows what this might be.
I'm guessing that's from Baron VIPIR.

We have VIPIR on WAFF/48 here in Huntsville, which was Bob Baron's last tv met job, I believe. It does feature groups or rows of spinning circles, and I think will string them when in a long loop.

Off the subject---svr storms two weeks ago offered my first chance to see the predictive end of VIPIR as the tv mets would take the current base reflectivity and 'forecast' it ahead by a half-hour or so. In the past, they have usually taken mesos and prognosticated their locations using the city/time-of-arrival format on a graph, but this case was a depiction of what the radar was expected to look like in a seamless transition from real-time to forcast. Has anyone else been seeing this on tv this season?

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