TornadoXtreme 2012 WeatherFest Storm Video / Photo Collage

Apr 16, 2004
Austin, Tx
I put this together for display & presentation at Austin't very first 2012 WeatherFest celebration at the Bob Bullock History Museum recently. It contains a brief glimpse of a few of my tornadoes / storm chase videos and quite a few photos as well presented in a slide show.

Note that it does begin with my Goodnight, Tx 2010 and Hennessey, Ok tornado footage that I have mentioned on here a few times, but it is very brief even though I have about 20 minutes of Goodnight and quite a bit of the other as well. I did that because I already had a clip set up to give to News 8 locally to show that was edited down and since I was throwing this together pretty much as quickly as I could one night I didn't take the time to grab more. Besides, it was primarily for a preview / collage anyway. I hope you enjoy it as I don't typically post video and some of these pictures may be new as well.

I should mention and give credit to David Douglas for a couple of his included night lightning shots near Snyder, Tx and a shot or two of Palo Duro canyon which I believe are exceptional.

Looks good Bill. Maybe i should PM this but I didn't realize you was right beside me in Hennessy and apparently we was pretty close in Goodnight also. Did we speak very briefly in Hennessy? Somebody came up to me.
Thanks James, I'm not sure if I talked to you there or not. There was a time when I was near some grain storage tanks and briefly talked to someone. Then I believe I was parked on the corner of the main street after the tornado lifted and rotation moved to the east. I talked to someone that came up there while I was in the car checking the maps. I was trying to figure out which route to take to follow the storm. I ended up waiting too long and got cut off by the road block. Then I ended up chasing the next storm coming up from the west further south.

As for Goodnight, I was actually on that before it touched down and do have video of the funnel in progress before touch down, then I have about 20 minutes after that all the way to rope out. It was a seriously cool / photogenic torn in my opinion. I also called that one in to the NWS, though at the time I was doing about 5 things so I probably sounded chaotic and confused a bit on the phone. I can only multi-task so much.

I'm glad you were able to catch them as well. Both were certainly good storms. The Hennessey cell continued to produce tornadoes as it moved east.
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