Orleans parish now under tor warning, saw rotation on a live broadcast for NO station, very strong rotation towards and away from radar looks like a central plains storm, even evidence of a notch in the south east side of the storm.
First of many I am afraid, the north bearing gulf storms have the highest percentage of tornados...
I'd have to bet this thing has a tornado on the ground... Check out the velocities... Wow, it's totally off the roof right now.
How big would this be (likely a nado on the ground in Metro New Orleans) and here very little disscusion that alone speakes wonders for this cane.
This is very small compared to the situation. I don't think there are any tornadoes on the ground. Shear in the lower levels is stronger and shear aloft is basically dead. There will be no long lived updrafts so support big torandoes here. Not too much in the way of dry air in this is so warm core and stacked to 250mb. The anticyclone is amazing.
I agree that no tornado is on the ground in LA with this. I don't see anything that strikes me as off the wall gate to gate shear or couplets. Weak couplets as of last sweep. But I am sure the NWS TVS alarms are goign bonkers anyhow.

Nick...where are you looking that shows such strong TVS shear? Just wondering.
Looking at my LIVE Level II data the speed shear could be causing some of these TVS algirithms. Good indication of some shear on Spectrum width just south of the big easy.
For a couple scans, there was VERY strong low-level rotation with that TOR-warned storm that passed through earlier. If I was the met issuing warnings at LIX, I wouldn't have hesitated at all to put a TOR on that storm earlier.
No, there were clearly two rotating cells (one in the county that was warned, another about 30 miles west) at the time. Still getting great rotation with two cells south of the radarsite but this is all very shallow.
The shear has since dissapated, keep in mind any tornadoes that form will most likely be small and short lived.

Yeah... Most of the supercells will likely be short-lived (and weaken quickly, as they continue to move inland), but they certainly could put down tornadoes in that quick timeframe with NO problems.

All of that stuff in SE LA has some low-level rotation embedded in some areas, and weak tornadoes could drop at any time.