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Tornado Siren book review

I recently finished “Tornado Sirenâ€￾ by Patrick Gabridge. It is a fascinating and engaging book about a research scientist who studies tornado damage. While near Memphis, she discovers two sets of footprints that crossed a tornado damage path indicating that someone and their dog survived being engulfed by the funnel. A year later in Kansas, she finds similar footprints through the path of a tornado. Witnesses in both places saw a man and a dog. The scientist, who is a bit of an outsider to her peers, becomes obsessed with finding this man who appears near tornadoes and can survive a direct impact. The story is part mystery, romance, adventure and road trip across the Plains. Gabridge conveys the beauty and drama of storms along with the passion of those who study the weather. At times, there is gruesome imagery of the destruction of tornadoes. The characters are believable and occasionally amusing. The science is fairly accurate and the author credits Tim Marshall and Jason Persoff, M.D. for information on tornado damage and injuries. “Tornado Sirenâ€￾ is an enjoyable and concise novel that left me thinking about the beauty of the Plains and power of storms long after I finished the book.

I had been planning to write a review of this book and decided after the mention on the Stormtrack front page. Moderators, feel free to move this review if it is in the wrong place.

Bill Hark