Tornado path predictor?

Breaking news? Must be a slow news day...

This technology would be neat to have. Hopefully more accurate than those tracking tools already out to track a storm's movement and location of storm in 5-10-15 minutes, etc.
Yea, this would be an advancement in tornado predection. But this new system won't give much warning time. The software starts working when the hook is formed. So that will give a couple minutes to i dunno...5 or 6 mintues warning. Once the hooked is formed on radar, it's not very long until possible tornadogenesis. I just wonder how well this software of WeatherData will work...I have seen plenty of RFD's cut through and no tornado. I don't do much armchair chasing, but I wonder how many storms form a doppler indicated hook and produce tornados??? :? Anyways...hopefully this is a step in the right direction and not another one of those awesome broadcast weather tools... :wink:
That would definately be a wonderful too to have, but I would think you're taking a huge risk with false security if that isn't very accurate... what I mean is, if this were a media supertool, and someone saw one of these things showing the tornado missing them, would they be as inclined to seek shelter. Suppose that path laid out was wrong and the storm turned? I think something like that really oughta be pretty well proven before made public. And of course, maybe it is!