Tornado Outbreak in Catalonia (Spain).

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Pedro C. Fernández

Hi there!

Last 7th and 8th of September, the coastal area of Catalonia (Spain) was affected by a very impressive tornado outbreak caused by a deep unstability over the area. The most of these tornadoes were water and landspouts, although there is a big possibility some of them were born inside of supercell storms.

Basically, an Atlantic Low went down to Leon Gulf (Mediterranean Sea) became in to a cutoff low, crossing the Iberian Peninsula and being accompannied by a very cold air at upper levels.

Here is the link to the topic with very impressive photographs of one of the tornadoes. Enjoy!!!:,4483.0.html
Great outbreak Pedro! :wink: We need stuff like this in Europe :wink:

I saw the other tornadoes: incredible...In some pics I saw two awesome tornadoes at the sime time!

Did you save radar images of the supercells?

Here other images of the tornadoes I found on the web:




Sorry, Marko. I hadn't seen your topic :( ...

Thanks, Andrea :)
Its ok, better twice than none, hehe :wink:

I hope moderator can merge both topics. This was really an incredible event!