tornado in Perushtica, Bulgaria

Angel Dimitrov

2005.07.01-02 (during night) - Perushtica, Bulgaria (12 km SW from Plovdiv). The roof of the building of "Narkoop" is lofted and fallen over five other houses. The tornado is broken two power lines, damages few cars. The main school in the town is damaged, too - flooded and with broken windows. Massive building is damaged (400 m^2). Five houses without roofs. After the storm are unrooted one hundred 50-years old trees. Perushtica was without electricity one day. Some of the houses were without telephone connection and water. Over the town is fallen 3 cm hail. No injured.
Angel, thank you for the information you posted. I did not know that tornadoes occurred in Bulgaria.
Are tornadoes somewhat common in your country?
Do you have any pictures you could post here in Storm Track?
Thank you. Joel Ewing
tornado in Bulgaria


> I did not know that tornadoes occurred in Bulgaria.

not common... not more than 1-2 tornadoes per year in Bulgaria + 1-2 waterspouts in August over Black Sea.

this days we have a lot of floodings... closed highways and rail networks... to bad for us...