Top Atmospheric Science Research Universities Ranked


For the year 2005, one of the few rankings of atmospheric science universities has been completed, called the Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index (done at SUNY-Stony Brook). Note this doesn't reflect undergraduate teaching - just research productivity (so maybe a good index for those of you considering pursuing meteorology in graduate school, but then again, not necessarily):

1. U of California at Irvine
2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
3. Colorado State University
4. Rutgers University
5. Cornell
6. Yale
7. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
8. University of Colorado at Boulder
9. University of Alaska at Fairbanks
10. Florida State University

Analysis summary -
EDIT: After doing some digging, it at least appears that every university was covered (assuming they counted meteorology as atmospheric science) ... they were just ommited in the link above when they placed below 10th place in every category. I wish they would list the top 25~ or so. While I can believe many of the institutions in the top 10, a couple surprised me.

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Yeah I was wondering about some of those listed...and those that were not. Some very prominent schools OU, Texas A&M, Penn State, and Wisconsin were left off the list which was really baffling.
It states that they used the professors that have Ph.D's from the universities and that the basis of the standings is centered upon publications, followed by grant dollars awarded and then individual awards, etc...

While this is a nice touch to ranking programs, this really shouldn't have much of a say on where you want to go for a graduate program.