Today is the 2 year anniversary.........

Craig Maire II

2 years ago this evening I and my girlfriend found ourselves witnessing a truly MAMMOTH storm. We were in Cedar County Nebraska, west of Coleridge when at around 8:30 pm hail started to fall. The hail grew in size from penny to quarter to golf balls and then even some to the size of tea cups! (3 inches) At around 9:06 pm a TORNADO WARNING was issued for Cedar County and for the next couple hours we would sit at a farm house watching very large hail, some incredible lightning, heavy rain, winds in excess of 70 mph etc. And, I almost forgot, get a brief glimpse at an F4 tornado that moved just to our north. This monster tornado would eventually grow as large as 3/4 of a mile and would be powerful enough to throw cows approximately 1 mile, toss cars around, destroy homes etc. Unfortunately 1 person was killed by this tornado, here are some links to where you can see a storm report from the Omaha NWS, damage pics, hail pics, etc.!!: