Tire Warranty Plan..make sure its on your printout

i wasn't for sure if i should post this here or on the Everything Else forum since this is a VERY important item on a chase vehicle :wink:

i wanted EVERYONE to make sure that they have on their printout from the place where you got your tires from if you want the Tire Protection Warranty or not on it.i found out the hard way today that even though i paid for the warranty,the guy forgot to put it in the computer therefore it was not printed on the papers.also,turns out the guy who sold me the tires is no longer working but was transfered to another town.there was nothing they could do,but sell me another tire.
so before you leave the tire place,make sure you see that they put the Warranty on there or it will be your word against theirs :cry:
Exact reason why I will not go to the Tires Plus store in Shawnee at Shawnee Mission Parkway between Pflumm and Quivira. Bunch of lazy high school aged people working there.
No troubles with Firestone here. I actually misplaced my paperwork and a different store had faith in me telling them I owned the coverage and fixed TWO tires going down at once (that is bad luck in itself). The store attendent did say have that paperwork ready next time. I can understand the point of view from the store. No receipt, no proof. New set of 65k tires on a couple months ago after having TWO more tires go down the same night (How much bad luck can you have with tires?) Going from -30F to +30F on a regular basis really does a number on the seals. The subtle hazards of ND weather. I now keep the paperwork in the glove box.