Tim Marshall moves to Mobile

Dec 4, 2003
Tim Marshall, who of course is the owner of Stormtrack and one of the nation's leading storm damage engineers, has moved to Mobile until next year. With the Katrina wreckage in the wake of Charley and Ivan, he will certainly have enough work to last a lifetime.

Stormtrack East:

He reports, "I will be back to chase the plains in the spring."

Welcome to "LA", Tim M, as we call "Lower Alabama". Hope your time in-state will allow a visit to the new weather station here in Huntsville, and a chance to ambush a few cbs up here in the Tennessee Valley next spring before the Tornado Alley season gets going. We frequently have an interesting November as well...

I can't imagine the level of data you'll be sifting through on the coast. Good luck.

Dave Gallaher
Huntsville, AL
Welcome to the Great State of Alabama, from a displaced Alabamian!

BTW, you have to pick your side now: Crimson Tide or War Chicken, umm, I meant Eagle? ;-)


Tim did the same for Florida last winter, too, after all their hurricanes FYI - he's making the Gulf Coast an annual snowbird retreat for those backs and joints that are sore from interstate travel in spring! :lol:

There will certainly be no shortage of damage surveying jobs on the Gulf Coast after this year.....

Hope he doesn't forget his TESSA talk in March - !!