Thunderstorms in Iowa??!!

Haha. No storms today, but a nice windy warm up. 58.1° here right now. Just another step closer to spring baby!

One nice thing about not getting any snow this winter is it makes for a much more rappid warmup when WAA commences. The ground is very dry too which also helps. 8)
Ahh, the little things in weather can be so interesting. Sometimes almost more interesting than the big events.

As soon as I posted above, the temp jumped up to 59.9° as the top of the thermo ridge passed by. In a matter of a half hour that happened. And now it has dropped back to 56.7°. During this short time the wind has veered from SW to W, and now NW. Some decent looking (rather high based) cumulus passed overhead during this time period as well.

Basically this is all a "non event." But it's these small things that sometimes interest me. :)
That is what i like most about weather, There can be times when a mile wide tornado can be a mile from you and yet other times there might be only a few small storm towers miles away or only a sunset and yet to most its all a wonderful part of mother nature's mysterious ways.