This Year's Chases!

Feb 8, 2004
Detroit, MI
Guess who's back? :eek:

It's obvious 2004 has been good to all chasers in the US. So far I've seen four tornadoes, countless funnels and more high wind events that you could imagine!

Here are just a few pix from the season. It's the tip of the iceberg, so check my site! :D

<img width=400 src=>
May 30 - Central Indiana Confirmed Tornado

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<img width=400 src=>
June 13 - Central Michigan Confirmed F0 Tornado (1st pic)
Have you ever seen such a maginifcant tail cloud?!
The HUGE sup tracked E-NE across central MI, producing 3" hail and at least three confirmed tornadoes.

And, the best strike of the season. Barely 200 yards away...
<img width=400 src=>

(p.s. sorry for the "video interlace" problems on a couple pix)

Check the site for all the rest...
I love lightning stills from video cameras cause they catch stuff like that! I had a couple good ones a couple years back.. nothing too good (on camera) this year, though!