Thermodynamics Q&A

Help with homework!!!

QUESTION: Specific volume of dry air (1kg) has a pressure of 1000mb at a temperature of 10C. Heat is added to the volume in an isobaric process, during which the volume has increased by 10%, calculate the following properties of the volume...

a) The Final Temp

B) Work Done

c) Heated Added

d) The Change in Entropy

e) The Change in Potential Temperature

Anyone who knows a good website that would help me with Entropy, Enthalpy, and other thermo stuff, please pass them along. I've never had a mind for this kind of stuff. :cry:
Use PV=nRT to find initial volume, correct any units so that it may work with the constant your using. Then times the initial volume by 1.1 to get volume final and then put it back into PV=nRT and all the other stuff except Temp initial to solve for Tf.

W=nR*(change in T)= p*(change in V)

Heat = C*(Tf-Ti)

Entropy Change = nR*ln(Vf/Vi)+nCv*ln(Tf/Ti)

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by Change in Potential Temperature. If you mean change in temp then it is Tf-Ti.

I think all this works?! Don't hate me if I'm wrong, LOL...

I'd solve but I gotta do relativity tonight :shock: .