Costing roughly $2k, it's obviously a better choice to get a laptop for chasing; bigger screen, more hard drive space, software installation, etc. But if you had some spare cash and wanted a pocket gadget that outperformed any mp3 player, personal video/picture player, or PDA...well, it'd be fun.

It has WiFi, so while lounging around or walking around town (or someplace with WiFi nearby) before convection starts you could have this with you in your hand, as opposed to a bulky laptop. More of a novelty, really.
looks cool, but it's got a fairly small display and low amount of RAM..

HDD is kinda smallish, but unless you're trying to store mp3s or videos that should be enough.

now I wonder how long it would last on a single charge.
That is pretty sweet... As you hinted to though, it probably wouldn't replace the laptop. It's probably best for playing music and watching videos on....

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