Review of the VX6600


And you thought I was talking about a video camera...

I picked up the new VX 6600 Pocket PC, cell phone over the weekend. This phone is pretty insane.

It is a Pocket PC and runs a lot of the same windows programs. Memory is a small issue since you have the internal memory and a SD slot where you can add a lot more for additional programs.

I tested it out using the MSN, Outlook Express and Pop3 email functions as well as using the built in Internet Explorer and it is like having a laptop in your pocket. I was downloading full sized but zoomed in moving map radar via Weathertap and NWS.

I was also able to use the MSN Instant Message software to chat while out in the field as well.

The only thing it can't due yet is edit video but it does record decent 320 video and good still photos.

The draw backs.

Its bigger then your average cell phone now since it is a PDA.

It is a touch screen for the most part but it does have a drop down keyboard to type in your messages and data. BUT, for those who are used to typing with the phone with one hand while driving, you can't with this phone. You really cant use this phone except to look at data while driving and talk on the phone via the bluetooth wireless headset.

Costs, well, it is not cheap but it beats the cost of a XM system and the coverage area is pretty good now from looking at the latest upgrades.

The ringers it comes with are LAME and almost silent. I could not hear the phone ring when I got it. But, since it is a windows based phone, you can make your own mp3 or wav ring tones. My ring tone now is an insane loud NWS warning tones. So every time my phone rings, its like a weather radio going off.

All in all, this is not a "must have" for chasing but if your a data junky like me and like to stay connected in the field, this is sweet if you can afford it.
I am a huge fan of PDA phones. I really enjoy my Treo 650 when it works.

The Treo 700w (the w is for windows) will be out in January or February exclusively for Verizon. I will probably have to wait for a few more months before it becomes available for sprint.

Nice pick up though and as for typing with one hand - it can be done but not too easily.