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The NWS Forecasts for Katrina

Re: More props for the Weather Services

Here's where the NHC is located:

NOAA/NWS/NCEP/NHC where NCEP is the National Center for Environmental Prediction
They're a sister group to the SPC, HPC, The Marine Prediction Center (MPC), Space Environment Center (SEC), and more.

The culture of working together is because it's all one organization.



Originally posted by Warren Eckels

The NWS budget approved for FY '05 was $710.7 million, down from $722 billion. Its parent organization, NOAA, got $3.89 billion, which is supposed to be a 1.3% cut.

I think that the NHC is part of NOAA, so its budget would come from the appropriation for NOAA in general.

The Federal Government's weather agencies further distinguished themselves in the art of running bureaucracies the last three weeks. There has been much criticism of jurisdictional snafus between FEMA and Homeland Security, to say nothing of confusion between state and local governments and NGOs. No such bureaucratic bickering was apparent from the NWS and the NHC, who worked together so seamlessly that casual observers cannot tell where one's responsibility ends and the other's begins. And the \"10 am Advisory of Doom\", controversial even on a board with many NOAA fans, was both surprisingly forthright and uncannily accurate.