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The Ice Storm

This is a very exciting event for me here in Denton County Texas. This will be the first ice storm I ever get to see and according to recent reports we may see as much as 1" glaze accumulation. Here are some shots my wife took this afternoon as freezing rain fell in Frisco and crystalized on the trees. This event has barely even started for us and look at how amazing these trees look.


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After looking at some of Mike's shots from the plains ice disaster thread I hope this storm does not result in any wide spread power outages here in Texas and if it does which is a possibility it will make my job all the more difficult having to make all emergency calls to our facilities department. Large scale power outages mean millions of dollars in damage if our servers go down, even worse for home owners if their is no power to cook or stay warm. Either way if we get the expected accumulation after midnight i'm breaking out the camera.