The Central Plains Severe Weather Symposium 2005

Last year Jeff Piotrowski was there and spoke...
It was quite an experience to see his footage and hear is passion for storm chasing :eek:

It's definately worth the trip...You also get a little bit of Storm Spotter training too...
I've been to a couple and parts can be interesting. They had a good one in Omaha a few years back that Al Moller spoke at. They had the dows at that one. The 2 in Lincoln I went to were ok. Watch out for that JeffP guy there though. If someone is nagging him about chasing and what not and he sees you and knows you are a 'local' chaser he will hand them off to you..."lol". "Come with me for a is Mike, he chases quite a bit around here......"........*then slowly walks off*. So if you see this happening to you turn and yell, "mom...wait up....".
Severe weather

I might try and make it since I won't be able to go to the National Storm Chaser Convention in February. Wonder if they wouldn't mind watching a few minutes of storm footage that I took on 6/23/03 of a killer storm that hit Cedar County, Nebraska?
Looking at the Agenda/Speakers I bet they will take what they can get right now. lol
The National Storm Chaser Convention is another I would like to attend.. I'm thinking about it still.
Damon tried to bring this event to everyone's attention, and found out there had already been a thread posted on it. Looks like the post was deleted, so we'll revive this one to near the top of the list.

Thanks for reminding us of this upcoming event Damon! :)

I"ll definately be going to this one, since i wasn't able to make it to either Denver or the TESSA conference. Sounds like a good time to start talking about the development of the DVIRT concept to the public. If you don't already know what DVIRT is,(only like 2 people do), then either IM me or go to the conference!