Shane Adams

Just wanted to say thanks to a few people, whom without, I'd not have had such a great 2005...

Eric Collins - For using his hard-earned, one-week vacation every year to come out and chase storms with me. And for never losing an ounce of enthusiasm over the past six years, despite our largely-unsuccessful ventures together. No matter how crappy his vacation has been, he's always ready the next year.

J.R. Hehnly - For being a great convoyer and navigator, as well as fun as hell to hang out and chase with. J.R. is one of the few people I know who love beer as much (if not more) than I do. His skill with GPS and doing 34 things at once saved our butts more than once this year during crunch time, when curical decision had to be made at a moment's notice. His definitely mastered the backroads this season for us. Not to mention his habit of buying us dinner after we see tornadoes.

Chad Lawson - For being the flagship car during our season. His brand new Taurus, purchased in February, got beat to hell and back but it never dampened his spirits. hail craters, busted windshields, and kamakazee turkeys couldn't keep Chad's ride from rolling on, and he was always ready to take it into any core. That's dedication you just don't find very often, lol.

Mickey Ptak - For helping me with all my video stuff, for always being a riot on the road, and for the wonderful videos he secretly shoots of us that wind up on StormTrack. I laughed more this season on the road than ever should see the things that don't make it onto the forum :lol:

My awesome woman Jo Radel - For being everything. Unbeknownst to me, Jo is damn good with a video camera. Her ability to get great handheld video while I have to drive (we have a stick) really saved our butts May 12, as I had to do a lot of manuevering during the meat of the first tornado. The scenes she shot are some of the best portions of that day.

Dwain Warner - For his continued awesome nowcasting since 1998. Dwain was directly responsible for getting us on the storm that produced our freak tornado June 4 near Severy, KS. That's just one of several examples over the years. Thanks bro.

BTW - Special thanks to Chad and Mickey for taking me chasing Sat & Sun despite the fact that I was completely broke. They paid for everything both days, and because of this, I was able to get one more tornado on Saturday.
shane, your welcome and thank you has defently been an adventure,lots of miles,lots of laughs,and just plain good times.yeah we missed some of the bigger events by minutes.but the ones we do have april 21,may 12,june 4,and june 11 i would not trade for anything nor would i trade the people i chased them with you,jo and mickey (ernie) ptak. heres to us and many more. would also like to thank J.R henely, kurt, nick. had lots of fun chasing with you guys. :D
I too wanted to thank you all as ST for all your input and expertise on this passion we all share. My brothers and I were out from May 10-15 and we saw 4 tornadoes including one in South Plains that crossed 1/4 mile in front of us. Totally intense. (I just got around to making a short chase video that encompasses our whole chase. I will post it soon.)

Special thanks to Nick Grillo, Micky Ptak, and Michael Gribble for going back and forth via email concerning our timing for coming out.

I was reading these discussions like the SPC. So yes, I want to thank you all for giving it your all. Can't say enough good stuff.

A big Yeeee haaaa from Southern California.

A greatful chaser,