Texas Wall Cloud Photos 05-29-2005

Shawn Turner

Hey everyone! I am new to the forum. Just thought I would share my blurry pictures with everyone, LOL. Sorry about the quality, they were taken with an old digital camera. Currently saving up money for a Canon S2 IS. These are pictures of a wall cloud that was dropped by a supercell moving just to the north of my house in Hutto, TX. There was some pretty strong rotation at one point and I actually thought for a second it might drop something, but it never did :( It was kind of cool and totally unexpected. I literally walked out my front door and BAM, it was right there, couldn't believe it!!! Some pictures are better than none I guess. :)

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Yahoo is currently having difficulties with their website, I will update when it is working... :wink:
I saw the pictures. Those are pretty cool. Nice catch!