Texas flooding

Been a tough couple days down in SE Texas. Tornadoes and now flooding. Parts of Wharton, Colorado and Jackson counties are under water and no relief anytime soon. The boundary that was advertised to creep north has stalled and created over a foot of rain in the last 24 hours or so in those counties. Victoria was hard hit yesterday. The Houston area is under the gun next.
I personally have only received 2" in the last 36 hours but more is on the way. If that boundary moves even slightly north...Houston you will have a problem! :shock:
Not so much an issue for southeast Texas, where rain is often plentiful, or even where I am in East Texas.

But when all the rain was falling over the western parts of the state, folks on TWC and elsewhere were talking like the world was ending. Sure, there was some flooding out there, but in the end, the amount of rainfall captured by watersheds and bodies from reservoir to stock tanks is a benefit that far outweighs the temporary problem.

Water is the most important commodity in West Texas, and a full lake or pond can mean the difference between feast and famine for farmers who irrigate their crops, or cattle who of course need plentiful water.

It's not always a bad thing!!! :p

I know some of the lakes around the South Plains are way up now. I think they said the new man-made lake by Post, TX, Lake Alan Henry, peaked at 117% reserve capacity, which equated to 6.5 million gallons of water added during this last rain event which is enough to supply Lubbock for about 186 days with water!

More rain on the way and a possible siginificant snow event as well!