TESSA 2005 Super Storm Spotter Training Session DVD

Apr 10, 2005
Has anyone watched this dvd?If so what are your opinions.Would this video be helpful in training new spotters or would it be over thier heads.Any feedback would be helpful.Thanks Jason
I watched this a couple weeks ago. I think its an excellent teaching resource for a more advanced spotter class. This presentation touches on some of the basics, but was really designed to explain things in some detail and discuss the science involved. Its really a great tool to improve upon anyone's base knowledge of radar interpretation with real life examples. Its long and a bit boring, but its a solid presentation with loads of great information.
Is the TESSA 2005 still the best training DVD on the market today; or has there been an upgrade?
I'm in the market for a DVD that can help me get to know radar signatures and general storm structures and related training before next season.
So - what's new - or best?