Tell me what you guys think

I just installed some new software to uplink all my weather data from my station here at home. So far I'm pretty impressed at all of the features. I've found the station to be very accurate actually. I built a shelter for the thermometer/dewpoint/humidity sensor. There's still a few minor bugs to be worked out, but for the most part it's all up and funtioning great. My buddy Steve helped with setting up the dedicated server and website space.

Tell me what you guys think. If you have any suggestions let me know.

The link to the site is in my sig..... :wink:

ps, a few of the records are wrong because things like barometric pressure had to be calibrated in the beginning.....
Joel, it looks great! Might I suggest, however, putting the current conditions at the top and the extrema below that. It might make it a little more "user-friendly." Also there is a whole lot of information available (very cool!), so you might want to consider putting them on separate pages with links, or at least have links at the top to different sections of the page.

Joel, that looks great. Looks good and is neat to see. I would second what Ben said though, with so much information some seperation is probably needed. Maybe different pages with links or seperate spaces on the page with headers. Other than that is looks great, well done!
Hey thanks guys!

We're currently working on separating/organizing it some more. Hopefully it will be a little more viewer friendly in the near future.
Okay, we've simplified it considerably. In the next few weeks we should be adding some interesting new features..... 8)

We ended up redoing the whole thermometer shelter as it was letting too much reflected sunlight in, adversely affecting temperatures in the afternoon. From now on it should be much more accurate.

This whole thing has turned into a lot more of a time consuming/interesting project than we had anticipated lol....
I really like it! I'd love to have the exact same setup at my house. You should package that all together and sell it (imho).
Home Weather Station

Good luck on this endever, Joel. One on the trickiest parts of operating a home weather station is getting a good exposure from the wind. Most of the NWS wind reports from airports represent wind at a height of 33 feet, and typically the closest buldings and trees are 1,000 feet to 10,000 feet upwind. The protical for ASOS is the average wind speed during a 5 min period, and the gust is the strongest 5 second gust during the same period.

Assuming that you can determine the response time of the anemometer i.e. 5 seconds, or 1 second, or whatever, try to determine the average ratio of 5 min winds to gust speed for a given direction. This ratio can help you estimate the equivelent "airport exposure " average and gust speed.
The anemometer sits atop a 10' PVC pipe mounted on the garage peak. It's about 24-25 feet up. It's still about 8 feet short of the NWS', but there are virtually no trees for about 150 yards to the west and north. The last few days the peak wind gusts (in the low 20's) have matched almost exactly what the NWS reported that day.
Originally posted by Marko Korosec
Looks good for me! :wink: Which station do you have, Joel?

I have a WMR 928N weather station with software WSWIN, here you can see the data and station info:


Hey thanks Marko! Your website is pretty sweet man. I like the layout.

I have the La Crosse WS 2010 wireless weatherstation. Everything's solar powered with backup batteries.

I have the Weather Display software running the site. I was pretty impressed with all the features, especially it's graphing capabilities.

I like how you have the pictures of your station sensors on your site. I think I will take some better pictures of mine and add a page for that.