Telephoto lenses for video cameras

Dan Robinson

Has anyone had experience with using telephoto lens adapters on prosumer video cameras? I'd like to get an adapter that increases the zoom length on either my TRV900 or VX2100 by at least 2 to 3 times.

Obviously, this is for tripoded filming only (distant lightning, etc).

A 58mm Century Optics 2X is running $400, which is too pricey for the few times a year I will use it. Wondered if anyone has used a less expensive model, like the Tokina 3X ($75) with any decent results.
The Century Optics is the one that is used most often though I'd bet Sony makes one specific for the model of camera. I don't know about the Tokina adapter though. Given Tokina's history on the film camera side, they make a decent lens with a bit better quality than most of the other third party companies.

You might also see if Tamron has an offering in this arena. They do have a history with TV Camera Lens and may have something available.
Just an FYI update on my telephoto lens search. I've decided to go with a Raynox 2.2X, $200, recommended to me by another photog who has one and uses it with his VX2100. Apparently the low-end 3Xs on the market are nearly useless for quality video. I should have it by the end of the week to test out and give it a review.