Svenvold's Big Weather

Has anyone here read Mark Svenvold's "Big Weather?"

I recall there being some minor controversy about the book at the time it was released, but I can't remember why. I'm not trying to stir up any controversy, but does anyone have any thoughts on the book?
I own a copy of it, and I like it quite a bit. It does have some left-leaning political commentary, but then again that's part of why I like it. :p
I've got it as well. I think the major controversy with it was Svenvold's treatment of a chaser who most of us don't care for anyway.
Thanks, guys. I've been interested in reading it, and I also may recommend it to some family and friends who are trying to understand why in the hell I would be compelled to spend money and take a week off from work to drive around the open plains for days on end, sitting in truck stop parking lots for hours at a time staring at laptop screens.

Of course, the video from 2004 made them understand a little bit more. ;)
I read it in the coffeehouse at Barnes & Noble about a year ago, but did not make a purchase. The author shows poor sportsmanship in the weather and chase community so I did not want it on my weather shelf.
I read the book and liked the parts where Mark and Matt Biddle are chasing the storms but besides that was not interested in the rest of the book. Sorry for late reply been gone for awhile.
I picked up a copy on sale at the local book store when I saw it was half price. It is on my to read list in between waiting for the neg scanner to do its thing.

One book that is really good that I'm almost finished with is called Rule #1 by Phil Town. It is about retirement investing and investment plans... (Yawn... from the SDS crowd...) But it really made a lot of sense and should be a good read for those looking to actually retire with money in your pocket to blow on storm chasing.
I checked it out from the library in town, and didn't mind the book. I remember it having a minority of chasing content in there and a lot of filler. Still, I don't regret reading it and would do it again.