Surface wind observations

Where shall we look for current wind observations?

I've just started looking at availability of METAR stations for starters, and it appears only KNEW and KMSY (New Orleans) are available. There used to be surface sites south of there back in the 1980s and 1990s! Not even an ASOS at Boothville?

I have the same on my data feed Tim. There were some bouys out that way but they stopped updating (at least on my feed) a few hours ago.
I have WX WORX running next to me on my laptop. I will post here wind direction, speed and gusts and the time of recording.

New Orleans

2:53 am NE at 44 mph / gust 56
3:03 am NNE at 43 / 64
3:16 am NNE at 43 / 58
3:28 am NNE at 44 / 59
3:43 am NNE at 51 / 60
3:53 am NE at 54 / 85
4:00 am NE at 48 / 76
T1 keeps ramping up... 3s gust up to 65mph at 10m.


Hurricane Force Gusts have now reached T1:

3.0 Sec 36.2 m/s ( 81.1 mph) @ 42.4° @ 29/09:31:13